• Giovanni Hänninen. Layered Mumbai. A preview, 2018




Km0 was born from the thirty years experience in the field of modern and contemporary art, gained by the three partners who conceived the project. Km0 is a space primarily dedicated to Italian art in relation to similar experiences developed in Austria. The gallery spreads over three floors and the total area of 600 square meters is divided up thematically: a project room, a main exhibition space, a multifunctional bookshop area, a special room dedicated to design. Km0 was inaugurated in May 2014 with an exhibition of Lucio Fontana “Eine Weltanschauung”, showcasing more than 30 ceramics by the Italian artist. The most recent important show in the gallery are: “Icon for a transit”, a two-persons exhibition by American artist Salvatore Scarpitta and German artist Joseph Beuys and “Malerei als Wissenschaft” a show by Josef Albers, Mario Ballocco and Max Bill. Km0 collaborates with major Italian and international art critics and institutions as MART in Rovereto and VAF Stiftung (Frankfurt).